A warm welcome to Gaithersburg…


On May 10th 2019, Steelyard Analytics, Inc. opened its doors for customers, other companies, and interested parties. We were pleased to invite our guests for a nice evening in Gaithersburg. The get-together was a good opportunity to share the capabilities of Steelyard Analytics and for us to understand the demands of our customers for their required analyses. It was very interesting to discuss a variety of analytical challenges while having some drinks and snacks in a relaxed environment. We welcomed guests from a number of different fields, which made for a great experience!


Welcome Drinks

Drinks and Snacks!

Routine analyses by Steelyard Analytics Inc.


… and the party goes on!


It was almost 29 years earlier to the day when Prof. Dr. Bernd Diehl and his former colleague Dr. Werner Ockels founded Spectral Service AG, the German mother company of Steelyard Analytics. This gave us the opportunity to celebrate not only the Grand Opening of Steelyard Analytics, but also the anniversary of Spectral Service AG. And because it was almost Mother’s Day,  it seemed to be the perfect time for a party!



Little Cologne in America

29 Years of Spectral Service AG



We´d like to thank all guests for joining us for this special event. Due to this good start of Steelyard Analytics and the qNMR Summit, to be held October 2-3, 2019 at USP, we are thinking about having another big party following the Summit on October 4.

So stay tuned…