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Always looking for new worlds: Since we do not want to settle for the status quo, we constantly research. These new insights help us improve standards and develop new analytical methods. Fueled by our striving to achieve a full understanding of how things work, we offer solutions for latest challenges.


We explore the boundaries of tradition, subordinate all values, create new ways, move away from traditional standards. With our pioneering spirit, we continuously effort to ensure further development.


With us our customer have a partners who accompany them on their trip. Our achievements and our effort to discover something new, help us to makes the world better and safer. In an unsecure time we search for truths.

Science is our passion and we try to revolutionize the progress of analytics by our research projects, and to provide our customers possibilities to make their products safer. Besides our American contract laboratory, we have our parent company “Spectral Service AG” in Cologne, Germany, which was founded in 1990 and offers our European customers an even faster local service.



Dr. Kristie Adams



Dr. Kristie Adams

Founder, CEO, President

Prof. Dr. Bernd Diehl


Dr. Gabriele Randel


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